Outsourcing Peek Products

One of our key customers came to us with a problem with their Peek Back Up Rings being faulty on a key part of the angled cut on their products.

We helped identify the root cause of the product fault, find a source for the manufacture of the parts that could meet their exacting material requirements and provide a continuous supply for the Victrex Peek required for their products.

Whilst we were identifying the problems that they were having with material supply we looked into the many different types of material requirements that they had specified within the same product range and helped rationalise their material specifications for the manufacture of Victrex Virgin Peek, Victrex Glass Fill 30% Peek, Victrex Carbon Filled 30% Peek.

This included obtaining key material specifications that could be continually met for a range of manufacturing methods to meet their requirements including, Injection Moulded Peek, Dynamic Cast Moulded Peek, Extruded Peek. We helped our customer specify the right material partnered with the correct manufacturing method based on the different qualities of materials used and manufacturing method. We helped them reduce the number of material specifications to 9 based on these materials and methods of production and also give them clear material performance benefits to base future builds on whilst saving money by not over specifying the correct material type for the environment of the application.

This led to our customers going from using us as a supplier of Victrex Peek Back Up Rings to many different types of high grade plastics and polymers and expanded our range and expertise within the sector enabling us to offer our customers a more complete service.

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