Coburn Fasteners Ltd was formed in 1986. The core business at that time was supplying local manufacturing companies with fixings, fastenings and general engineering supplies. This customer base was built up over the previous 10 years by our MD Andy Coburn who worked within the trade.

The gradual decline of manufacturing throughout the UK was becoming apparent but opportunities were beginning to appear within our existing customer base if the company was prepared to adapt to new challenges.

These challenges came in the form of repacking the goods we already supplied our customers, into various kit forms. These kits were being assembled by our customers at a disproportionate cost to the value of the goods.

The company brought in new software to cope with kitting and from small fairly straightforward fastener kits; we were soon assembling large intricate products and materials for our customers. These kits are sent direct to production lines or sent to subcontractors as part of whole assemblies or sent as spares kits.

Our willingness and ability to adapt to ever changing customer needs has enabled us to survive and grow for over 24 years. For further information regarding our kit packing and to find out how we can save you money! Please feel free to Contact us on 01453 828515