What is Procurement? How Much Can I Save?

Many large companies who produce thier own production packs have no real idea as to the total cost to produce them. Coburn Fasteners aim is to make your outgoings not only fixed but completely transparent as far as the outlay of costs is concerned. This enables you to free up more staff for more profitable ventures or to help cut costs in the workforce.

Here is an example of what a company requires to pack a kit which includes

  • 10 supplier accounts
  • 30 stock locations for components
  • 10 purchase orders for components
  • Goods inward and inspection for 30 components
  • Labour force to assemble kits
  • Production area to assemble kits
  • Packing equipment, bags and sealers
  • Inspection of completed kits
  • 10 payments by accounts to suppliers.


Here is what you require if you order from Coburn Fasteners Ltd

  • 1 supplier account
  • 1 purchase order
  • Goods inward and inspection for 1 kit
  • 1 payment by accounts