Do you need your fastener kits assembled for you?

All our kits are hand packed and contain multiple items and combinations of size and materials. We do not pack kits which can be economically packed by machines. Kit packing is used to satisfy various objectives. 

Where components are needed at the point of assembly, a complete kit can be delivered to this area with everything included. This eliminates the time taken to compile a list and withdraw these items from the stores. It eliminates the need to store each individual item.
Where unassembled items are being sent to fabricators for completion, kits can be included which contain all the necessary parts to complete the assembly together with lists of items and fitting instructions. Where spares or maintenance packs need to be sent to customers why not buy and store the components already packed and ready to deliver.

Think of the cost savings involved

  • No more multiple item stock checks. Complete kits only need to be stock checked.
  • No more multiple purchase orders and everything that this entails: only one purchase order per kit.
  • No more expediting all these orders. Only one call needed. 

What are the benefits?

The benefits of sub-contracting the kit packing to Coburn Fasteners Ltd are as follows: 

  • Only one supplier needed
  • No more storage problems
  • Only one order needs to be raised
  • Only one payment per month needed
  • Frees packing areas for more profitable work
  • Labour force free for more profitable tasks
  • No more bulky packaging materials required
  • Forward planning much easier
  • Only order what you require
  • Your add on cost is much easier to calculate
  • Stock taking much easier

How does it work?

Once you have decided which kits you want assembled we then draw up a “bill of materials”. This includes the item quantity, the item description, the supplier and the agreed cost per item.
The bill of materials is checked and signed by the customer to verify the contents and price agreed is correct.
Alterations to the cost can only be affected by increases in item costs. These have to be accepted by the customer and a new bill of materials verified and signed.
Coburn Fasteners Ltd then purchases all the items from the agreed suppliers at the agreed prices and we begin assembling kits.

What's the first step?

If you already have kits that you want packed, why not try us out with one.
Obviously, volume controls the costs: the higher the volume the lower the costs.
If you do not have kits at the moment but can see some savings in doing so, let us set up some “bill of materials” and show you what savings can be made.
Roofing Kits supplied directly to the fabricators.