Loctite Threadlockers

Threadlockers are a strong alternative to mechanical locking devices. Whether permanent or removable, they can lower repair and manufacturing costs by preventing fastener loosening, corrosion and seizing of parts.

LOCTITE threadlocking products prevent self-loosening and prevent loss of clamp load due to vibration and shock loads. They are easy-flowing liquids which completely fill the gaps between mating threads. When used to assemble threaded fasteners, LOCTITE threadlockers secure threaded assemblies and eliminate corrosion by creating a unitized assembly.

LOCTITE threadlockers are single-component liquid and semi-solid adhesives. They cure at room temperature to a hard solid thermoset plastic when applied to metal fasteners and in the absence of air. The adhesive completely fills the gaps between mating threads to lock threads and ensure consistent clamp loads.

Advantages of LOCTITE Threadlockers as Compared to Traditional Mechanical Locking Devices

  • Prevent unwanted movement or loosening,
  • Prevent leaks
  • Prevents corrosion between the threads
  • Resist vibration
  • Prevents loss of clamp load
  • Single-component – clean and easy to apply
  • Can be used on all sizes of fasteners – reducing inventory costs
  • Seal threads – allow through-hole tapping

With HEICO-LOCK® any bolt loosening results in the internal cams separating and their movement across each other results in an increase in tension and clamp load. During removal, only the cam surfaces move, resulting in low off torque force.

Differing Friction Coefficient between HEICO-LOCK® cams and radial ridges

The cams on the separation plane (joint face) of the individual washers of the pair show a much lower friction coefficient (µi) than the friction coefficient on the radial ridges on the outside of the pair of washers (µo).

Any loosening through a dynamic load will always lead to movement only across the face of the cams of the washers.